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Organizer: Dai Inatani (University of Fukui)

In the 82nd Lifelong Education Course, under the title of "Applying Guidelines to Ophthalmology", we picked up diseases that are often encountered in practice and ophthalmology diseases for which diagnosis is extremely important, and 6 teachers who are prominent in their specialized fields. We have planned an educational course to explain the basics of medical care according to the guidelines.
In recent years, guidelines have been created in each clinical department. In ophthalmology, guidelines are issued one after another for each disease. The content of this guideline is open to the public, and you can download the electronic version from the Nikkei website. Content such as those contained in the guidelines are perused not only by healthcare professionals, but also by the legal community, government officials and patients. Therefore, if a specialist ophthalmologist does not follow the guidelines, it may lead to unexpected troubles. We hope that you will take this educational course to update your basic knowledge of each ophthalmology disease and read the guidelines.

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